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Sainsburys volunteers spruce up Fosse Meadows

Sainsburys volunteers spruce up Fosse Meadows

Sainsbury's volunteers spruce Fosse Meadows

A small army of 100 volunteers from Sainsbury's Coventry offices have been helping out at Fosse Meadows Nature Park to make the open space even better for visitors.

Completing 10 years' worth of work in one day, colleagues from Sainsbury's Store Support Centre in Walsgrave assisted Blaby District Council grounds maintenance team undertake significant improvements to the popular open space. More »

The volunteers, all from Sainsbury's Technology, Retail and Logistics team, based in Coventry, helped to 'spade' and clear grass from the hundreds of metres of paths, neatening the park's appearance; whilst 10 tonnes of bark mulch has been placed around the fitness and play area to provide additional safety.

Dead branches and logs have been cleared from Fosse Meadows' vast woodland, whilst a team also helped to remove fencing no longer needed.

Sainsbury's 100 volunteers are taking part in helping out at local community areas as part of the giant grocery retailer one hundred and fiftieth birthday.

Paul Coates, Group Manager for Neighbourhood Services and Assets, said: "We are incredibly grateful for the efforts of Sainsbury's colleagues. It's been a day of hard work for their volunteers, but what they have achieved is fantastic and it's a huge help to us.

"Completing a decade's worth of work in a day means that Fosse Meadows will continue to be one of the most popular destinations for families and dog walkers in the area, making the district a great place to visit."

Tony Butler, Head of Technology, Retail and Logistics, at Sainsbury's Store Support Centre, said: "As we celebrate Sainsbury's one hundred and fiftieth Birthday, we wanted to make a real difference to the community we all work in.

"It's really important that we not only have fun as a team by spending time together outside of the workplace, but that we also live our values by giving something back to the environment and community." » Less

Posted: Thu, 16 May 2019 12:44 by Mike Shirley

Complacent Driver killed grandad after hitting his bike at 5 mph

Complacent Driver killed grandad after hitting his bike at 5 mph

A man driving home from work knocked a grandfather off his bike, killing him.

Jonathon Wilkinson was only travelling at about five miles per hour in his Vauxhall Astra when he knocked into Paul Naylor's bicycle at a junction.

After carrying Mr Naylor along on his bonnet for a short distance he stopped and the 66-year-old cyclist slid onto the road, banging his head and suffering a severe injury.

Mr Naylor, who lived in Burbage, near Hinckley, died in hospital 15 days later. More »

Neil Bannister, prosecuting at Leicester Crown Court, said: "Mr Wilkinson should have seen Mr Naylor and reacted in a safe manner.

"The defendant was not distracted by a phone, there was no evidence of any alcohol or any drugs.

"But he confirmed he did not see Mr Naylor until the collision happened."

The circumstances of the collision

Delivery driver Wilkinson, 48, had been at work in Bumblebee Lane, near Sharnford and was on his way to his mother's home in Nuneaton when the collision happened at the road's junction with the B4114 just after 4pm on Tuesday, June 5 last year.

Mr Bannister said: "The loss of Mr Naylor has obviously had a very devastating affect on his family.

"He was married for 44 years to his wife, Wendy.

"He was a grandfather and played a large part in the lives of his grandchildren as their father had died when they were young."

In a victim impact statement read out in court, Mr Naylor's daughter, Marianne Smith, described the affect the loss had on her teenage son and daughter after their father's own death from a brain tumour at the age of 36 about a decade ago.

'Their grandad was a second father to them'

Mrs Smith said: "They were inconsolable. Their granddad was a second father to them.

"Their father died 10 years ago when they were seven and three.

"My dad had taken on the role of father, teaching them to ride their own bikes, looking after them when I had to go out and putting them to bed and reading them stories.

"They loved going to stay with him.

"My son asked me why everyone he loves dies. I couldn't answer him.

"I really don't know how much more tragedy our family can take."

Mr Bannister said Mr Naylor regularly went out for long bike rides of up to 40 miles and wore bright colours, but no helmet, while out cycling.

A nearby home captured the entire incident on CCTV. » Less

Posted: Wed, 15 May 2019 16:26 by Mike Shirley